Market Penetration and Sales channel management

We are here to extend your marketing and sales capabilities to more than 30 countries!

If your products have FDA, CE, or other regulatory marketing approval, whether in Japan, China, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, India or elsewhere, we are here to assist you boost your sales, penetrate new territories, accelerate market penetration and prioritize distributors.

As we kick-off, we learn your products and their unique selling propositions, such as competitive edge, therapeutic advantages, positioning, pricing, etc. According to these, we target the relevant territories, and decide on a marketing approach for each of them and execute it.

In each territory we work daily with our distributor network to promote your products, participate in the relevant trade shows/conventions, continuously collect market feedback, and communicate your products' developments, results of clinical trials, penetration to of new territories, installations in prominent sites and any other major company news.

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